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In the world of photography, few genres are as dynamic and challenging as event photography. Whether it's a corporate conference, a wedding celebration, or a grand product launch, the ability to capture the essence of an event, its participants, and its purpose requires not just technical skill but also a deep understanding of the event itself. At FEELMEDIA, a distinguished video production and photography company established in Singapore in 2005, this art form is elevated to new heights. Let's delve into how FEELMEDIA prepares and ensures a successful photoshoot at events.

Understanding the Event: The First Step to Excellence

The foundation of any great event photoshoot begins with understanding the event itself. FEELMEDIA takes the time to comprehensively study the event, its objectives, and its unique characteristics. This understanding is vital in crafting a visual narrative that aligns with the event's goals.

Client Collaboration: Building Bridges to Vision

For FEELMEDIA, client collaboration is paramount. They engage in extensive discussions with the client to determine their specific needs and expectations. This collaboration extends beyond the scope of the photoshoot to ensure that the client's vision is seamlessly integrated into the final product.

Defining Objectives: What Needs to Be Captured?

Every event has its unique story to tell, and FEELMEDIA recognizes that. They work closely with the client to identify key moments, individuals, and elements that must be captured. This ensures that the resulting photographs are not just beautiful but also serve a purpose, whether it's marketing, documentation, or storytelling.

Customized Deliverables: Tailoring the Output

FEELMEDIA doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. They customize their deliverables to meet the client's specific requirements. Whether it's high-resolution images for print, web-optimized photos for online use, or a combination of both, the client's needs are met with precision.

Program Familiarization: Being Where It Matters

To capture those pivotal moments, FEELMEDIA takes the time to familiarize themselves with the event program. This ensures that they are in the right place at the right time, ready to immortalize the significant moments that define the event's narrative.

Recognizing Key Figures: Highlighting the Important People

In event photography, people often take center stage. FEELMEDIA places special emphasis on identifying and recognizing key individuals, whether it's the event organizer, keynote speakers, or the bride and groom. By doing so, they ensure that these important figures are portrayed in the best possible light.

Adapting to the Environment: The Art of Flexibility

Events can be unpredictable, with changing lighting conditions, unexpected twists, and varying settings. FEELMEDIA's experienced photographers are skilled at adapting to these dynamic environments, ensuring that they consistently deliver high-quality shots regardless of the circumstances.

Capturing Emotions: The Essence of Event Photography

While technical excellence is crucial, FEELMEDIA understands that the true essence of event photography lies in capturing emotions. Whether it's the joy on a couple's face as they exchange vows or the enthusiasm of attendees at a product launch, FEELMEDIA excels in preserving these heartfelt moments.

In the world of event photography, FEELMEDIA stands out as a company that not only has the technical expertise but also the passion and dedication to creating visual stories that resonate. With their meticulous preparation, client-centric approach, and commitment to understanding the essence of each event, FEELMEDIA continues to redefine the art of event photography, one captivating image at a time.

When you choose FEELMEDIA to cover your event, you're not just hiring photographers; you're enlisting storytellers who will transform your event into a timeless narrative through the power of imagery.

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Welcome back to FEELMEDIA's throwback series, where we take you on a nostalgic journey through some of our most memorable assignments. Today, we embark on a picturesque adventure that led us to the serene mountains near Nara, Japan. Join us as we recount the unforgettable video shoot for The Michelin Guide, capturing the inspiring story of a pottery master who triumphed over adversity and created a unique craft that graces the tables of esteemed restaurants across Japan.

A Pottery Master's Triumph Over Adversity: In 2017, our team at FEELMEDIA received a unique and life-changing opportunity - to film the compelling story of a pottery master who conquered cancer and discovered solace in the heart of nature. Leaving behind the bustling city, he and his beloved wife settled in a forested area near Nara, Japan, to embrace a simpler, more fulfilling life.

A Retreat Amidst Nature's Embrace: Our journey took us deep into the tranquil mountains, where the air was filled with a sense of calmness and serenity. There, amidst the lush greenery and melody of chirping birds, we discovered the master's handmade home and pottery workshop, nestled harmoniously within the natural landscape. It was an awe-inspiring sight, a testament to the master's unwavering dedication to his craft.

Michelin Guide Recognition: Renowned for his exquisite pottery, the master's creations have found a treasured place in Japan's culinary world. Many Michelin Guide restaurants proudly display his artwork, elevating their dining experiences to unparalleled levels of sophistication. Each piece is a unique representation of the master's journey, honed through years of unwavering dedication and passion.

The Art of Aging: One of the most fascinating aspects of the master's craft is his belief in nature's ability to enhance the beauty of his pottery. To achieve this, he leaves a significant portion of his work in the mountainous surroundings for several years. The passage of time, combined with the forces of nature, imparts a distinctive and ethereal quality to each piece, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

Life Away from the City: Our cameras captured the pottery master as he peacefully molded his clay and expertly crafted each piece, seemingly transported to a world of his own. His life in the mountains provided him with the solitude and tranquility necessary to channel his creativity and refine his art. It was evident that the natural surroundings had become his most cherished muse.

A Tale of Inspiration: As we filmed the master's heartwarming story, we couldn't help but be inspired by his resilience and unyielding determination to overcome life's challenges. His journey from battling cancer to finding solace in the mountains demonstrated the power of passion and the healing touch of nature.

Watch the full video below:

The Michelin Guide video shoot in Japan remains etched in our hearts as one of the most profound assignments in FEELMEDIA's history. The story of the pottery master, his triumph over adversity, and his enchanting craft remind us of the timeless allure of traditional art forms and the beauty of embracing life's simple joys. Through his dedication to his craft and his connection with nature, the pottery master continues to inspire and leave an indelible mark on the world.

Join us next time as we delve into more nostalgic tales and captivating assignments that define the essence of FEELMEDIA - where storytelling meets artistry in the realm of photography and video production.

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Singapore, 2017- Celebrating artistic brilliance and societal reflection, FEELMEDIA, a renowned video production and photography company established in 2005, recently received the prestigious Best Creative Short Film Award for their thought-provoking creation, "STILL." This exceptional short film, written by the talented Eugene Tay, who also took on a prominent acting role, is a profound exploration of one of modern society's most pressing problems - the inability to find stillness amidst our fast-paced lives.

A Journey Through "STILL": A Tale of Modern Dilemma

In a world constantly bustling with activity, it has become increasingly challenging for individuals to pause, reflect, and simply be still. "STILL" delves deep into this modern dilemma, narrating a poignant story that resonates with audiences of all walks of life. From its inception to the final cut, the film encapsulates the vision and creativity of FEELMEDIA's team, manifesting their passion for telling stories that leave an indelible mark on viewers.

The Essence of "STILL": Artistic Expression Meets Social Commentary

"STILL" is not just a short film; it is an artistic expression that strikes a chord with its audiences. It weaves a captivating tale that reflects the struggles faced by individuals in an ever-evolving society, one where constant distractions and obligations make it difficult to find inner peace and stillness. The film ingeniously captures the essence of the human experience, serving as a mirror that compels us to reevaluate our own lives.

The Gratitude of FEELMEDIA: Honored with the Best Creative Short Film Award

Upon receiving the Best Creative Short Film Award, FEELMEDIA expressed their deep gratitude and appreciation to the judges and organizers of the prestigious competition. The recognition not only validates the team's dedication to their craft but also serves as a testament to the impact that "STILL" has made in the hearts of its viewers.

Eugene Tay: A Creative Genius Behind the Vision

At the heart of "STILL" lies the brilliance of its writer, Eugene Tay. His creative vision and deep understanding of the human psyche allowed him to craft a compelling narrative that sparks introspection. As both the writer and actor in the film, Eugene brought authenticity to the character, seamlessly integrating his artistic talents into a cohesive and emotionally-charged piece.

The Importance of Stillness: A Profound Message

Beyond the accolades and critical acclaim, "STILL" serves as a gentle reminder of the importance of stillness in our lives. In the pursuit of progress and success, we often neglect the need to pause, breathe, and find solace in the present moment. The film nudges us to reconsider our priorities, encouraging us to strike a balance between the rapid pace of life and the necessity to introspect and reconnect with ourselves.

In Conclusion: A Masterpiece That Resonates

FEELMEDIA's triumph with "STILL" in the Best Creative Short Film Award is a testament to their dedication to excellence and commitment to telling compelling stories. The film's artistic brilliance and profound social commentary have touched the hearts of many, leaving an everlasting impact on its viewers.

Watch the full film here:

As we embrace the captivating journey of "STILL," let us also embrace the essence of its message - to cherish stillness amidst life's frenzy. Congratulations to FEELMEDIA for their well-deserved recognition, and may their cinematic endeavors continue to inspire and provoke thought for years to come.


FEELMEDIA, established in 2005, is a leading video production and photography company based in Singapore. With a passionate team of creative minds, they are committed to capturing captivating stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.

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