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17 years of journeying together with our clients

Updated: May 31, 2023

We are getting to know Kevin Tan, the director and producer of Feelmedia in this blog post. A musically inclined Singaporean who is the proud owner and director of Feelmedia, a media production company in Singapore. Kevin's multifaceted talents and passions make him a remarkable individual, while his weaknesses for good food and cute cats add a touch of endearing charm to his character.

Despite his busy schedule and demanding career, Kevin has a weakness for two things that bring him immense joy and relaxation: good food and cute cats. Singapore's vibrant culinary scene is a constant source of excitement for him. From hawker centers to high-end restaurants, Kevin is always on the lookout for new and delectable culinary experiences. Exploring diverse cuisines and indulging in mouthwatering delicacies is his way of unwinding and finding inspiration.

For the past 17 years, he has been involved in a wide range of productions (Video and Photo) for various companies

What keeps you going, having worked with such a diverse set of clients? "Relationships matter a lot to me. I always believe in using our team's creative prowess and commitment to building strong working relationships with clients. I consider myself a talented videographer and photographer who goes above and beyond to capture memorable moments while fostering positive connections. In this blog post, I hope to share my unique approach to the craft and delve into how my sensitivity to clients and dedication to cultivating positive working relationships set me apart in the industry."

Photography and directing clients
Photography - Behind the scenes

What do you think were the most significant moments during the past 17 years? I've had the privilege of working with an array of companies in diverse industries, capturing their stories through the lens of my camera. Join me as I take you on a journey, sharing anecdotes, challenges, and triumphs from my exciting career.

As a creative videographer and photographer, I thrive on pushing the boundaries of creativity. Every project presents a unique opportunity to delve into the essence of a company and translate it into captivating visuals. From corporate videos to product launches, I strive to bring forth the brand's personality and vision through innovative storytelling techniques and visual aesthetics.

One of the joys of my profession is the chance to work with companies across various industries. Whether it's fashion, technology, hospitality, or finance, each industry offers its own set of challenges and creative possibilities. Understanding the intricacies of each industry is essential to capturing the essence of a company and tailoring the visuals to resonate with its target audience.

Establishing a strong rapport with my clients is crucial in my line of work. I invest time and effort in building trust and understanding, as it paves the way for a seamless collaboration. Through open communication and active listening, I gain insights into their brand values, goals, and desired outcomes. This understanding forms the foundation for capturing their unique story accurately and authentically.

The world of videography and photography is ever-evolving, with new technologies and techniques constantly emerging. As a creative professional, it's essential to stay at the forefront of these advancements. From aerial drone shots to virtual reality experiences, I embrace these tools and methodologies to add depth and impact to my work. Adapting to new technologies allows me to offer clients innovative solutions and a competitive edge in the digital realm.

Every video shoot or photography session presents an opportunity to immortalize precious moments. Whether it's documenting a heartfelt testimonial, a product unveiling, or a team-building event, I strive to capture the emotions and experiences that make these moments special. The end result is not just a video or photograph but a tangible memory that evokes emotions and preserves the essence of the occasion.

Collaboration is at the heart of my work. I believe that the best results are achieved through a synergy of creative minds. From brainstorming concepts with clients to collaborating with talented individuals in the industry, I am constantly inspired by the collective energy and creativity that emerges during these collaborations. Together, we weave narratives that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impression.

As I reflect on my journey as a creative videographer and photographer, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities I've had to work with diverse companies across various industries. Each project is a chance to tell a unique story, to capture moments that will be cherished forever. Through adaptability, trust, and collaboration, I strive to create visuals that inspire, connect, and leave a lasting impact. I look forward to continuing this exciting journey, uncovering new narratives, and sharing them with the world through my lens.

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